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Dr. Abbasi finished  Medical school from Pakistan in 1990, after completing 3 years of Training in  Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY, then came to Georgia in 1997. He was Affliated with Georgia Baptist Hospital (now Atlanta Medical Center) for 3 years. In Year 2000,

Dr. Abbasi came to this area and has been here since. He and his wife (Dr. Baloch) have two beautiful children. Ages  4 and 13, a girl and a boy. He is a board certified by American Board of Internal Medicine since 1997.


The key to success is NOT to rely on will power, because each time you do, you always lose.

Since most of diets concentrate on eating certain foods, you always end up giving up, since you are deprived of foods that you love.

The low Carbohydrates diet we prescribe, is to jump start your metabolism and not for the rest of your lives. But many of our patients have been on this diet for years and they have lost anywhere from 25 lbs to 110 pounds and kept it off.

After 3 months of being on this diet, you will start using portion control, specially on carbohydrate. Here are the rules that you should follow to maintain the weight loss.

1) Eat in a smaller plate. Believe me we always end up eating if the food is in front of us. So if you don't have a small plate in your house by one.

2) Do not skip meals. If you do your metabolism slows down and you end up packing up the extra weight. Try to have a big breakfast and should have NO Cabs at all. The reason being, that proteins and fats will absorb slowly in your gut and give you feeling of being full. You can have 2 eggs with any meat (bacon is OK). You can also eat chicken biscuit, two of them minus biscuit.

3) Always add protein to your diet. After being on a very low carbohydrate diet for 3 months you can add some complex carbohydrates to the diet. They key is the quantity. For example you can even eat a hamburger once in a while. Just avoid the double or triple patty ones and avoid cheese. You can even eat TWO McDonald regular hamburgers which amount to only 500 Cal. But eating wings, even fried (though grilled are better) or Grilled chicken (I like the one at KFC) is better.

4) Making new habits is the Key to successes. When you are invited to a party, always take on serving. Never go for the seconds. This will teach you that we always eat more when we are in company of friends or family.


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