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Doug Smith has over 25 years experience in the IT industry, including holding the position as the US Operations director of the world’s largest Computer Service franchise-Computer Troubleshooters.  Currently Doug owns and operates a Computer Troubleshooters franchise, located on the Covington Square, which covers a territory of Newton, Rockdale, and Dekalb Counties.

Doug and his staff possess a combined experience level of over 60 years in the technology industry.  The staff at CT-NRD holds numerous IT certifications such as MCSE, MCP+I, A+, and CNA.  In fact, Doug was one of the first IT professionals in the state of Georgia to be certified an expert in Microsoft Small Business Servers.  

The staff at Computer Troubleshooters is equipped to handle any technology problem you may have.  The services they provide include:

·         Managed Services

·         Network Installation and Maintenance

·         PC Repair

·         Hardware as a service

·         T1 Data/Phone

·         Document Management

·         Spam Filtering

·         Web Design/Hosting

When not attending to the needs of his IT clients and running his business, Doug is spending leisure time with his wife Andrea and their two daughters.  He is a member of Eastridge Community Church and participates frequently in many community events.  Doug is a native of Georgia who graduated from Heritage High School in 1985 and began his training at Clayton State College where he was awarded an degree in Electronics.

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Computer Troubleshooters
1109 Church Street
Covington, GA 30014

Contact Information
Phone: 404-477-1302
Address: 1109 Church Street
  Covington, GA 30014

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Section: Computers
Q:  attempting to get dsl or cable live on hwy. 36 near boy scout road cable runs on both sides of road comcast says they service area and local says no charter does not come out this far cable heads right to both schools no dsl available either
A:  Unfortunatly it is not as simple as the cable you see on the pole.  In the case of DSL the distance from the CO makes a difference and I have seen cases where your nierbor might have DSL but the signal is too weak to reach your house.  Likewise Cable has lenth limitations too without the signal being boosted.  As to who services your location I would just keep checking as they do change. Satellite may be an option.

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Section: Computers
Q:  I perform video editing at home. I have maxed out the computers RAM capabilities and added a workstation video card with sufficient on board memory to handle the program. However, the biggest problem I have is in rendering added special effects. I am using a consumer product "Pinnacle Studio 14 Ultimate" and it seems nothing I do will quicken the rendering process. I am wondering how to maximize the settings not only in the Bios but the video card as well. Do you think that will help or do I need to spend $5000 on an editing workstation? Thank you.

Spending 5K on a workstations may not be the right answer.  There are other factors that will affect Pinacles performance. First look at your processor, it will need to be a dual core or better.  Also a degrade hard drive can also cause performance issues and replacing your HD with a d Solid State Hard drive will  give you a large boost in performance.  It can also be a conflict with other software on your computer.  I would reach out to Pinacles support forums and see if any one else is having an issue like yours.

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Section: Computers
Q:  A friend recently bought me a 1yr subscribtion to Iolo System Mechanic.... She claims it is awesome but ever since I added it my computer seems to be slow an tends to take forever for certian stuff to load.... Is this program really good, or should I take it off? Thanks so much

Iolo System Mechanic is a good tool but what you have realized is like so many other products that try to be everything to everybody in every situation, System Mechanic is not a one size fits all solution.  Everyone would like to have a single piece of software that you buy once and it would fix all your computer woes or better yet prevent them all together.  Lets call this idea an easy button.  Unfortunately there is no such thing as an easy button when it comes to computers.  Instead there are tools that work for some in certain situation and not for others.  More than likely your computer does not have the resources to run this program optimally or worse it could have failing hardware that this program is not designed to catch such as a failing drive controller.  It is very common for programs like this to drastically slow down your computer especially if your computer is not a high end performer or has a few years on it.  On the other end of this is that some program similar to this also require you to make decisions about technical configurations that may be more that you understand about your computer and you are left guessing at what to choose.  This can result in misconfiguration and even actual damage to your system's software causing problems like you are describing.  As a step in troubleshooting I would suggest that you uninstall the program and see if it resolves your issue.  If it does then you know for sure that it was the software.  You can always reinstall it if you find that it is not the program.  However if your computer is still sluggish after the uninstall I would suggest bringing it in for evaluation.

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Section: Computers
Q:  Hi. I have an older HP Pavillion. For no reason and out of the blue when I booted it up, a screen popped up with, "Drivelock Password" Do you know what may cause this to happen? Is the hard drive shot out now? And would a new hard drive fix the problem. Even though I can get past this screen by entering a password, the computer is still not booting and continues to bring this up every time. Any info on this would be helpful. Thanks. Elizabeth
A:  Drivelock is a technology used to help prevent someone from steeling your computer and then formatting the drive and making it their computer.  Even though the idea behind this technology is a good one the implementation is lousy.  if the drive come loose it can cause the lock to be engaged, if you replace the hard drive with a larger one the lock can be engaged.  Often times the only way to get this resolved when it is locked for a false reason it to contact the manufacturer and have them unlock it and that only works if you can provide validating information to prove you are the owner.  If yours is doing this and none of these sound like the reason then I would suggest bringing it to our computer shop for further diagnostics as to why this is happening.

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Section: Computers

Malware Bytes or SuperAntispyware are both favorites of mine.  They have both a free and a paid version.  As in all cases the paid version is much more robust and offers more protection.

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